Eye Yi Yi art show, Malibu CA June 2017

Ashley Davis

I had the honor of having a pop up gallery in Malibu recently.   It was such a special place and I met so many wonderful folks . There are also some wonderful humans I’d like to thank for making this happen.  Christine Beradi of Hiptique this would never have happened if it wasn’t for you. Mahalos for letting me crash at hotel Hiptique ! To Grace Liam David Olivia and Cole !!!  The amazing Way Way Out There team. You guys were such a big part of this whole enchilada !!! The assistant Evan Schell!  Zio Baffa wines , Up Mountain Switchel .. Duckfoot brews .. Surfer magazine .. Fwd Screenprinting .. Second Harvest Band … Big Johns Bar back biz … Greg and Kristy from Kristy’s Village Cafe … Mike the Malibu landlord …. Shelby Meade .. Eden Saul Matt Titone. .. Of course my wonderful mama pajama … My muse and editorial genius …  And last but not least Randall Christopher.  Who went way way above and beyond to help me with everything under the sun … This show definitely would not have happened without him.  


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