The art of Eye Yi Yi

Ashley Davis


A bright, shining colorfeast from a far off freakquincy channeling the positive powers of otherworldly feminine leaders of love and light.  Their mission is a special yet simple one – to help, heal, and harmonize the insanity that our humanity has created.  The message shall be sent through song, dance, and vibes of niceness that make us smile, laugh, sing and dance.  Through their sharing and caring they shall lead us on a journey to a brighter today and tomorrow.

Wishing you all everlasting aloha.  Andy (the vessel of their vibes)

This latest selection of paintings is from my Eye Yi Yi collection.  The collection started at the Way Way Out There gallery aka Solana Beach Space Station and finished in lovely northwest regions of Malibu, California.  They were made between May and June 2017.

If you’re interested in availability for purchase please contact Ashley Davis at


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