Way Way Out There Grand Opening

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We had the grand opening of the Way Way Out There gallery and space station on Saturday 11/11. Man, what an overwhelming experience it was! It was wonderful to have so much support from our community. My wife Ashley @opadell had her debut show and installation and it was a smashing success! Lots of red dots! Big mahalos to Jon Wegener and Sean Tully of Second Harvest for the smooth and styling sounds that kept the crowd swinging and swaying. To Matt and the quacks from Duckfoot Brewing for the delicious suds. To our Way Way Out There crew David, Liam, Randall, Cole, Grace and husband Big John who I like to call Little John, and to our newest member John Konno for all his commitment and hard work this past month. This event would not be possible without everybody’s dedication and hard work. I am so stoked to have such a wonderful team. Also thanks to Embry Rucker, John Brodie, and Evan Schell for documentation of the show throughout. To Tyler Warren for the two beautiful surfboards. To Todd Major and Manny Caro for the sound and vision on opening night. To Chrome Digital for the batch of new prints last minute. To Kirk Gee for bringing down Way of the Bird books last minute. Last but not least a huge thanks to everyone who made it out. It was so much fun!


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