Materials and Print Methods

Andy Davis wallpaper is a land-lord friendly, removable wallpaper that has been designed and printed in CA. The product is non-toxic and phthalates free. Yipee! It is also printed with water-based inks on polyester fabric so it is earth friendly but with a rich smooth feel and look.

The material is removable and has a repositionable adhesive backing.  It can be installed on almost any painted surface, removed, and repositioned without leaving a sticky residue behind.

The material does not rip or wrinkle and is not required to be removed over a certain period of time. Results will vary on stucco and eggshell painted surfaces. Not recommended for brick, non-painted cement surfaces, or heavy painted spackled wall board. Make sure you allow 30-days on newly painted surfaces for out-gassing.

Peel and Stick Durability

Andy Davis Removable Wallpapers are temporary, but testing has shown it to last for years. We trust the durability and longevity of our wallpaper. However, we cannot predict all environmental, surface, and installation variables. Make sure to order a sample and test it out for yourself before you slather your home from head to toe like we have done. We think you will love it.

Instructions for Installation here.



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