Stokebrokers – Patagonia Bowery NYC

Ashley Davis

The wonderful humans at Patagonia were kind enough to bless Jon Wegener and I with a collaborative event at their Patagonia Bowery Store in New York City. We have been spending quite a bit of time together manifesting this event. Jon is an amazing shaper, surfer, and all around great person, and it was an honor for me to juxtapose his creations with my artwork. Together we came up with a few new designs and they are exclusively being shown at the Bowery shop. In documenting this process there are also a few short films and a slide show. I just want to say thanks to all the people who helped make this a reality. First of all, Danielle Egge and Troy Mothershead from Patagonia, Devon Howard, Sean Tully from Forward Screenprinting, Kevin and Cory Smith and the Full Bloom crew, John P. Brodie, DL Tashjian and his crew, Aaron Regan, Randall Christopher, Ashley Davis, Rosa Wegener, the Patagonia Cardiff crew, Mick Rogers, and of course Jon Wegener. I hope I didn’t forget anybody.


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