IGLOO & Andy Davis

Ashley Davis

Launching today a new journey with IGLOO Coolers… the first adventure is this limited edition classic playmate available thaliasurf and Igloocoolers.com .. So stoked … STAY COOL.

As a wee munchkin growing up in sunny Southern California I had many wonderful adventures with family and friends. Packing up the VW bus in my early years and then on to the trusty Oldsmobile wagon a few years after that, we would head to the coast, the mountains and lakes, parks and ball fields that surrounded us in all directions. Everywhere we journeyed to we had a companion that accompanied us. Yes, sometimes it was the family dog or a distant cousin, but it was always, without fail, the tried and true trusty red, white and white and blue Igloo Playmate. Filled with Hawaiian Punch, peanut butter sandwiches, orange slices and all other sorts of goodies.


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